Ismael Al-Amoudi

Ismael Al-Amoudi is Professor at Grenoble Ecole de Management. He is also Director of the Centre for Social Ontology (, associate editor of Organization, and a member of the Academic Advisory Board of the Independent Social Research Foundation. His research combines realist and post-structuralist social theory to understand contemporary organisational mechanisms, with particular interest in normativity, violence and de/humanisation. He has published two edited books on post-human society (Routledge), several book chapters on social theory (Springer; Routledge) and scholarly articles in Academy of Management Learning and Education; British Journal of Sociology; Cambridge Journal of Economics; Human Relations; Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour; Organization and Organization Studies.

Dave Elder-Vass

Dave Elder-Vass is an Honorary Fellow at Loughborough University, UK. His latest book Profit and Gift in the Digital Economy (Cambridge University Press, 2016) theorises appropriative practices, economic diversity and their implications for social theory and politics. He has also published extensively on social ontology and social theory from a critical realist perspective, including The Causal Power of Social Structures (Cambridge University Press, 2010) and The Reality of Social Construction (Cambridge University Press, 2012). For more information see his website:

Sarah Cornell

Associate Professor Sarah Cornell is the Coordinator of the Planetary Boundaries research laboratory at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University. She also co-convenes the international Planetary Boundaries Research Network, Together with partners from the network, she researches and works with governance processes in order to improve conceptualizations of human–environment systems and characterize pathways for global sustainability. Sarah Cornell has a background in marine and atmospheric chemistry and earned her PhD in 1996 from the University of East Anglia. She has worked in transdisciplinary global change research, research coordination, and teaching for over 15 years. She has served as an advisor in sustainability matters to national and local governments, universities, businesses, and civil society organizations.

Sioux McKenna

Sioux Mckenna is a Professor of Higher Education and is director of the Centre for Postgraduate Studies at Rhodes University. Her research reflects a concern about who gets access to knowledge in the academy and whose knowledge is valued. She is also interested in how the norms and values of disciplines emerge as literacy practices. She is the project manager of a number of international research projects and has supervised a number of postgraduate studies, many of which have used Legitimation Code Theory to ask questions about the form and function of higher education.

Frédéric Vandenberghe

Frédéric Vandenberghe is professor of sociology at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil where he also directs the Social Theory Lab Sociofilo. He has published widely on the history of ideas and various aspects of social theory in English, French and Portuguese. In English, he published A Philosophical History of German Sociology (2009), What’s Critical about Critical Realism? (2014) and co-authored with Alain Caillé For a New Classic Sociology (2021).